A license, whether onshore or offshore, is crucial for online casino and gaming operators. Let’s understand what are the advantages of having an onshore license compared to an offshore license like Curaçao:

  1. Regulatory Credibility

    1. Onshore License:

      • Reputable jurisdiction, such as the UK, USA, or Malta, adds credibility to your online casino.

      • Strict regulatory standards and oversight integrity and fairness.

    2. Offshore License (e.g., Curaçao):

      • Perceived as having lower regulatory standards, which could affect your casino’s credibility.

  2. Payment Processor Acceptance

    1. Onshore License:

      • Easier to establish relationships with reputable payment processors.

      • Many financial institutions and PSPs prefer to work with businesses that operate under stringent regulatory frameworks.

    2. Offshore License (e.g., Curaçao):

      • Obtaining reliable payment processing solutions may be more challenging with an offshore license due to potential concerns about regulatory compliance.

      • High processing rates with a low approval ratio.

  3. Traffic

    1. Onshore License:

      • Accept easy traffic from the USA, UK, and EU.

      • High approval ratio which means more money in your pocket.

    2. Offshore License:

      • Difficult to accept traffic from USA and UK.

      • High chances of getting your online casino blocked permanently.